Use these Finance department workflows, or process flows, to better understand the business processes carried out by a Corporate Finance function. Download these PDF, Visio, BPMN, and/or PowerPoint templates to add notes and customize the workflow to your business.

Account Reconciliation(Preview)

The reconciliation of customer payments with account balances contract terms. Includes exception reporting, contract examination, account information reconciliation and payment request.

Accounts Payable(Preview)

The reception, processing and payment of all incoming invoices, from initial arrival to final post.

Budgeting & Forecasting Report Production(Preview)

The creation and administration of budgets across lines of business and functional units as well as the forecasting of future income and expenditures.

Controller Function(Preview)

Data gathering, validation and report generation related to day-to-day company transactions. Includes the initial transmission of data by the product group/area and resulting analysis and approval/denial of transaction.

Corporate Treasury(Preview)

The management of fixed and liquid assets across lines of business and functional units.

Cost Allocation(Preview)

The analysis and reporting of fund allocation across lines of business and functional units.

Credit & Collections(Preview)

Branch to credit department [back office] process of new customer applications, credit checking, payment, and collections.

Expense Processing(Preview)

The processing of invoices and expense reports from employees as well as the subsequent payments/reimbursements.

Federal Tax Return [Life](Preview)

Data reconciliation, analysis, approval and return yearly corporate tax returns.

Financial Close & Reporting(Preview)

Data collection, reconciliation, and report generation related to the monthly financial close process.

Fixed Assets Accounting(Preview)

The acquisition, valuation and reporting of fixed (non-liquid) assets across lines of business and functional units

New Contract Setup(Preview)

The request, setup and documentation of new vendor contracts specific to a certain project. Includes cost estimate, new contract inspection and setup, and documentation of contract information.

Plant Accounting(Preview)

The inspection of new work orders within production plants and the subsequent tracking of expenses and completion dates by the plant accounting group. Includes work order submissions, reconciliation of completion dates and expenses and the transfer of work in progress to the plant.

Premium Accounting(Preview)

The configuration, documentation and acceptance of insurance policyholder premium payments and subsequent disbursal of commission checks to agents and brokers.

Property Tax(Preview)

Data collection, reconciliation, analysis, approval and preparation for a company's yearly property taxes.

Sales & Usage Tax(Preview)

Data collection, reconciliation, analysis and approval of preparation for yearly sales and usage taxes.