Human Resources:

Use these Human Resources (HR) workflows, or process flows, to better understand the business processes carried out by an HR department. Download these PDF, Visio, BPMN, and PowerPoint templates to add notes and customize the workflow to your business.

Applicant Screening & Interviewing(Preview)

The screening of job candidates (by phone) and the subsequent process of shortlisting and interviewing applicants who pass the initial screening call. Includes screening and interview scheduling, applicant acceptance or rejection and interview result documentation.

Benefits Accounting(Preview)

The processing and documentation of employee 401(k) information. Includes education of 401(k) participants, the transmission of enrollment information related bank(s), the configuration of payroll deductions for participants and the validation of 401(k) fund transfers.

Benefits Administration(Preview)

The management, development, and administration of all employee health, disability, vacation, and other related benefits.

Business Leader Alignment(Preview)

The planning and implementation of company-wide business unit strategies related to human capital management. Includes meeting of business unit leadership, discussions on key business unit metrics and strategies, and the drafting and approval/denial of business initiatives.

Employee Equity Allocation(Preview)

The identification of employees that are eligible to receive equity in the company and subsequent configuration of payouts and equity statements. Includes approval/denial of equity roster, the calculation of taxes related to equity payouts and the transmission of equity statements to selected employees.

Employee Information Request(Preview)

The authorization of requests employee records. Includes the initial request for official employment records, authorization of the requesting party, subpoena processing (if needed), and transmission of the requested information (if approved).

Employee Relations Investigation(Preview)

The investigation and resolution of complaints submitted to the employee relations group. Includes investigation request notification and the subsequent meeting of HR leadership and involved employees to resolve the issue.

Employee Relations (General)(Preview)

The management and reconciliation of any benefits, compensation or policy related issues surrounding human capital. Includes assurance of employee adherence to internal policies, the fielding of HR-related inquiries, and the management of employee complaints and suggestions.

Ergonomics Request(Preview)

The management of employee requests for ergonomic office equipment and supplies. Includes initial research by the requesting party and subsequent approval/denial of the request by company ergonomics coordinators.

Human Capital Planning(Preview)

The creation of human capital planning initiatives by business unit leaderhip and HR coordinators. Includes planning sessions with buisness unit leadership, compensation analysis, project coordination and execution.

Military Leave Processing(Preview)

The processing of requests for leaves of absence related to military service. Includes the completion of requried paperwork, submission of military orders to HR staff, and calculation of military differential pay.

Move Management(Preview)

Assisting recently hired employees with relocation. Includes assistance in transporting possessions, locating an appropriate residence, updating or procuring any state/federal documentation, and ensuring the employee is settled into the new environment.

Off-Cycle Check & Wage Garnishment(Preview)

The processing of request for off-cycle payroll checks and the setup of wage garnishment actions. Includes the setup of automated off-cycle payroll, the reception of garnishment notfications and the subsequent setup of garnishment payments by the accounts payable group.

Payroll Tax(Preview)

The processing, analysis and payment of company payroll taxes. Includes payroll tax related analysis and administration for employee tax inquiries, tax jurisdictions, stock options, employee relocation, and acquisition support.

Performance Management(Preview)

The formal analysis of employee performance. Includes employee observation, formal performance reviews, improvement recommendations, and commendations.

Random Drug Test(Preview)

The random selection and review and notification of employees who are to be drug tested and the subsequent scheduling and processing of drug test results.

Record Management(Preview)

The management of employee records (current and past employees) and the processing of requests for employee records. Includes the intial filing of employee information and record retrieval.

Recruiting & Hiring(Preview)

The recruitment, assignment, and final placement of employees into certain positions within the organization based on current company needs and employee competencies.

Recruiting Planning & Applicant Sourcing(Preview)

The planning of recruitment activities based on company needs and the subsequent job postings and application submissions. Includes requisition creation and approval, recruiter assigments, and processing of submitted applications.

Resignation & Termination(Preview)

The handling of all tasks surrounding voluntary and involuntary termination and the initiation of any retirement benefits. Includes reconciliation of all employee equipment and paperwork upon termination and the documentation of terminated employee retirement benefits.

Safety Operations(Preview)

The creation and maintenance of employee safety standards and procedures and the processing of employee safety-related incidents. Includes analysis and revision of current safety standards and safety incident resolution and reporting.

Sales Compensation Incentive Programs(Preview)

The correction, testing and implementation of changes in employee compensation structure within HR compensation systems. Includes compensation generation and analysis, testing, production and validation.

Survivor Benefits(Preview)

The processing of deadly work-related incidents and the subsequent documentation of incident details and contact of family members and insurers.


The logging of hours worked each week for hourly employees and any subsequent adjustments made by supervisors related to wages and/or hours worked.

Training & Development(Preview)

The initial training as well as continued development, and improvement of existing employee competencies. Includes training, education, and future development of existing human capital.

Worker's Compensation & Short-Term Disability(Preview)

The handling of work-related accidents and related processing of worker's compensation, short-term disability pay and medical leaves of absence. Includes risk management reporting, communications with insurers and health care providers, and processing of short-term disability benefits.