IT Workflows

Download these Information Technology, or IT, workflow templates (PDF, PPT, VSD, BPMN formats) to gain an understanding of IT business processes. These workflow templates can also be used as a starting point for your own IT improvement initiatives.

IT Project Management Workflows

IT Project Management (General)

The definition, requirements gathering, planning, initial approval and ongoing management of IT-related projects.

Project Requirement Prioritization

The analysis of IT project requirements documentation and the subsequent prioritization of those requirements based on business needs, feasibility, and overall importance.

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IT Project Budgeting

The verification, allocation and approval/denial of IT project invoices and the comparison of actual project spending and performance versus forecasted budgets and timelines.

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Application Development & Support Workflows

Application Development & Release

The needs or requirements definition, design, development, testing and deployment of internal IT applications.

Application Prototyping

The development of IT system/application prototypes. Includes basic requirements identification, initial prototype development, end user review/feedback solicitation, and subsequent adjustments to the prototype based on user feedback.

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User Support & Services Workflows

IT Help Desk Management

The fielding, assignment and subsequent resolution of IT-related help tickets from customers (internal employees).

new contentSoftware Purchasing & Implementation

The purchasing and installation of new software products within a company. Includes initial need analysis, test installation, bug identification, full-scale installation, employee training, and post-implementation bug tracking.

System Support & Maintenance

The fielding of bug or error reports from system users and subsequent research and resolution of system issues.

End User Training

The development and implementation of training materials and programs designed to educate end users on system functionality and troubleshooting.

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Network Administration Workflows

Data Center Provision & Maintenance

The identification, planning, and implementation of improvements to company data centers. Includes project planning, identification of possible downtimes, vendor RFPs, implementation of data center improvements and the final testing and QC of any changes made.

Network Monitoring & Testing

The analysis of network bandwidth use (by application and/or IP address), as well as the subsequent planning, testing and implementation of adjustments to network configuration.

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Systems Analysis Workflows

Requirements Gathering & Documentation

The gathering and documentation of system requirements from end users, stakeholders and customers.

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Legacy System Modernization Planning

The analysis of legacy systems and the subsequent planning and documentation of recommendations related to upgrading, porting/migrating or replacing the legacy system(s) being analyzed.

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IT Security Workflows

new contentIT Security Incident Management

The identification, reporting, and management of IT security-related incidents. This process includes automatic securitty alert monitoring, physical incident reporting (lost/stolen equipment), security breach review, and security breach investigation.

Business Intelligence (BI) Workflows

Report Configuration

The solicitation of input from key stakeholders and report end users, and the subsequent configuration of data extraction and reporting tools used to leverage data in existing company systems.

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IT Procurement Workflows

Vendor Compliance

The collection of vendor information and subsequent review and approval. Includes tax identification number review, vendor information corrections (if needed) and approval or rejection of vendor services.


The analysis, approval and purchasing of goods or services to meet company needs. Includes requisition form completion, purchase approval (by finance department), delivery confirmation, invoicing and related documentation or reporting.